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Schoolhouse IconNeedham Children Enrolled in the Little Red School House in 1850

Moses Emery ALDEN, 6            Jan 14, 1844                son of Charles and Fanny Alden

  • Descendant of John and Priscilla Alden
  • Alden house (built 1802) stood at the end of Webster St (on Central Ave), recently torn down. House and gravestones.

Mary Ann AYRES, 7                   Aug 13, 1843                      dau. of Charles and Lydia Ayers

Henry Asa CHILDS, 8 (twin)  Oct 6, 1842                son of Asahel and Ann Childs

Henrietta Lavina CHILDS, 8 (twin) Oct 6, 1842                dau of Asahel and Ann Childs

Sabin Felch CHILDS, 12               Nov 13, 1838                      son of Asahel and Ann Childs

  • Siblings

Harriet Maria DANIELL, 10            Nov 20, 1840                      dau of Timothy and Abigail Daniell

  • Daniel House (built 1720) still stands at corner of Oakland St, Wellesley

Amanda DARLING, 9              Dec 24, 1841                      dau of George and Hannah Darling

Augusta Annette DARLING, 12            Feb 10, 1838                dau of George and Hannah Darling

  • Siblings

Newell H. DEDMUN, 12            April 21, 1838                      son of Daniel and Lydia Dedmun           

  • Dedmun house (1840s) is now the Wellesley Historical Society, Newell became a machinist and served in the Civil War unharmed, he was discharged June 1863

Joseph Emery FISKE, 11                  Oct 23, 1839                son of Emery and Eunice Fiske   

  • Captain in the Civil War; later Needham and Wellesley selectman; instrumental in petition to separate Wellesley from Needham in 1881; Fiske Street and Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley are named after him. Bio from Wellesley Historical Society |

Caroline Maria FLAGG, 12                 Oct 25, 1838                dau of William and Martha Flagg

  • Cousin of George and Rebecca Flagg

George Warren FLAGG, 8                   April 14, 1842              son of Isaac and Frances Flagg

Rebecca Ann FLAGG, 11                 Dec 27, 1839                      dau of Isaac and Frances Flagg

  • Siblings; cousin of Caroline Maria Flagg
  • William Flagg house (1852) still standing at 1472 Great Plain Avenue; many generations of Flaggs served as town officials

Albert FULLER, 7                             Sept 21, 1843                      son of Albert and Mary Ann Fuller

Albert became a farmer and served in the Civil War unharmed. He was discharged June 1863.

Lydia Ann FULLER, 11               Mar 23, 1839                      dau of Alvin and Mary Ann Fuller

Ezra Newell FULLER, 7                 May 18, 1843                      son of Ezra and Catherine Fuller

  • Served in the Civil War, died of "Camp Fever" (measles?) at New Berne, NC in 1863 at the age of 19. PortraitHousegravestone.

Timothy Otis FULLER, 5                             1845                son of Ezra and Catherine Fuller

  • Ezra and Timothy were brothers; born in the house at 1453 Great Plain Ave; Timothy Otis was the author of the Historical Society’s Bird Journalshousegravestone.

Fidelia Adella FULLER, 9                 Feb 14, 1841                dau of Jonathan and Sarah Fuller

Valetta Ann FULLER, 5                Aug 10, 1845                      dau of Jonathan and Sarah Fuller

Warren Adelbert FULLER, 7            Jan 19, 1843                son Jonathan and Sarah Fuller

  • Fidelia, Valetta and Adelbert are siblings; all are cousins in one degree or other

Abigail Boyd HUNTING, 10        Nov 20, 1840                      dau of Israel and Rebecca

Emery Fisk HUNTING, 12        Oct 30, 1838                son of Timothy and Mary Hunting

Mehitable HUNTING, 7            Mar 11, 1843                      dau of Luther and Abigail Hunting

  • first cousins to each other (their fathers are brothers); Hunting Road is named after this family

Cynthia Maynard HURD, 9                     Dec 7,1841            dau of Daniel and Melinda

Edwin HURD, 10                                Mar 21, 1849                      son of Daniel and Melinda

Henry HURD, 12                               July 17, 1838                      son of Daniel and Melinda

  • siblings; cousins to the Hurds below

Martha Ann HURD, 12                   June 29, 1838                      Dau of John and Elizabeth

Sarah Lamson HURD, 12                   Nov 29, 1838                      dau of Stephen and Sarah

  • family purchased the Alden house and the land at the end of Webster Street at the intersection of Central, still known until recently as “Hurd’s Corner

Eliza Jane KINGSBURY, 10      Oct 21,1840                       dau of William and Eliza

Lucy Deming KINGSBURY, 7        Aug 22, 1843                      dau of William and Eliza

William Hooper KINGSBURY, 8        July 3, 1842                son of William and Eliza

  • siblings; all are cousins (in some degree) to the other Kingsburys

Frances Maria KINGSBURY, 5        June 14, 1845                      dau of Dexter and Mary

Hannah KINGSBURY, 7                    Jan 12, 1843                dau of Jesse and Hannah

Hannah KINGSBURY, 11                  Jan 2, 1839                dau of Hezekiah and Hannah

  • one of Needham’s original families; Webster Street used to be called Kingsbury Street (now Kingsbury St. runs between Webster and Oakland, near the High School); Kingsbury houses at 444 Webster St3 Rosemary St, and others nearby

Althea Amelia LYON, 12                   Oct 20, 1838                dau of Peter and Charlotte

Alvin Ayers LYON, 7                     Oct 20, 1843                son of Mortimer and Lucy

• Dr Israel Whitney Lyon (1826-1907), son of Lemuel Lyon who built the house. Moved out to California in the 1850s.  Invented Dr Lyon's Tooth Powder probably c. 1880; it was available for sale until the 1950s if not later. Dr. Lyon's gravestone.

Edward LYON, 6                                 May 5, 1844                son of William and Julia

  • Edward became a farmer and served in the Civil War unharmed, he was discharged June 1863

Henry LYON, 9                                 Aug 25, 1841                      son of William and Julia

  • Edward and Henry are siblings; the Lyon house (1843) stood on Greendale Ave opposite St Bart’s church, but was moved Sept '09 to Connecticut.
  • Henry was a student berfore he served in the Civil War. He was discharged, unharmed, in June 1863

James MCCRACKEN, 11               Aug 2, 1839                            son of James and Jane

John MCCRACKEN, 9                 Oct 20, 1841                            son of James and Jane

  • brothers, cousins to James and Mary below

James MCCRACKEN, 9                 Dec 24, 1841                                  son of John and Mary

Mary MCCRACKEN, 11               Dec 12, 1839                                  dau of John and Mary

  • siblings; cousins to James and John, above; McCrackens have owned the yellow house (built 1754) with the large barn on Nehoiden Street (near May Street) for generations; the name “James” is passed down each generation

Edward MCINTOSH, 7                      Sept 19, 1843                                  son of Nathan and Martha

Emma MCINTOSH, 12                    Sept 14, 1838                                  dau of Nathan and Martha

Harriet MCINTOSH, 5                      Mar 9, 1845                            dau of Nathan and Martha

  • siblings; descendants of Col. William McIntosh, Needham’s Revolutionary War hero; tavern at the corner of Great Plain and Central Avenues was owned by the McIntosh family, The Nathan McIntosh House

Ezra Fisher MILLS, 12                  Aug 1, 1838                son of Matthias and Peady

  • Mills is also one of Needham’s oldest families (with the Fullers, Kingsburys, Huntings);  Matthias Mills built the house now owned by the Needham Historical Society and Ezra was born here; first cousin to Sarah Collins Mills. House and gravestone.

Sarah Collins MILLS, 10                  Oct 25, 1840           dau of Davis C and Eliz. Cheney Mills

  • house she was born in still stands at 945 Central Avenue (“North Hill Farm”); first cousin to Ezra Fisher Mills; ancestor (distant) of VP Dick Cheney

James Francis NEEDHAM, 6            Apr 30, 1844                      son of George and Rebecca

Althea Augusta WARE, 7                     Aug 23, 1843                      dau of Reuel and Hannah

  • cousin to Ellen Maria Ware and the McIntoshes; Ware Road is named after this family

Ellen Maria WARE, 10                   Dec 9, 1840                dau of Dexter and Mary

  • cousin to Althea Augusta Ware, Ware Road is named after this family

Catherine Cravath WHITAKER, 9  Dec 19, 1841                dau of Edgar K and Catherine

Channing WHITAKER, 7                        Dec 29, 1843               son of Edgar K and Catherine

William Ritchie WHITAKER, 12          Mar 14, 1838                      son of Edgar K and Catherine

  • siblings; their father, Edgar K Whitaker, was an incorporator of the company that brought the railroad to Needham; their house at 53 Glendoon Road incorporates the second-oldest structure in town, and was the former home of the Needham Historical Society; William R Whitaker was named after the First Parish minister, William Ritchie. House and gravestone.
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